Paper Airplanes

Ok so this may be cheating, it isn’t exactly an experiment. However paper airplanes are a good lesson in forces. We have several paper airplane kits with instructions for many different types of planes. Terror has never been that interested in paper airplanes or origami, he gets frustrated with it pretty quickly. So this was […]

Making Rainbows

Week two and we used the Physics Kit again. Again my big complaint would be that the “lesson” portion was light on information that would have helped explain what the student should be learning. However set up is very easy and I love that everything I need is included in the little box. Lesson 2 […]

Light Spectrum

I jumped from one school year to the next very quickly and it didn’t give me a lot of time to prepare for science experiments. Luckily I had a physics kit just sitting on my homeschooling shelf. This was a freebie from a website, I have had it for a couple of years and just […]

The Books

A quick list of the books we are using for this year History The Measly Middle AgesThe Kings and Queens of Great Britain a Very Peculiar HistoryDark Knights and Dingy CastlesTerrible TudorsHenry VII and his Chopping BlockMary Queen of Scots and her HusbandsSlimy StuartsElizabeth I and her ConquestsGorgeous GeorgiansVile VictoriansVillainous Victorians Queen Victoria and her […]

Monster Slime

Well it wouldn’t be Halloween School without making slime. This is a monster slime from a pretty typical slime recipe. We used an orange food coloring in it. 2tbs borax1 1/3 cup hot water in one bowl 2 cups school glue1 1/2 cups hot waterfood coloringin second bowl Mix borax and hot water in one […]