Halloween Movies

I get asked a lot what are good Halloween movies and TV shows for kids?  We have watched quite a few so I thought I would make a list of the ones we watch in our home divided by age appropriateness.  Now I do advise parents use their own judgement on what is and isn’t […]


Today we did a little…ok a lot..less school work and a lot more baking.  You see Saturday is Tim’s birthday and the Derby Team planned a surprise party for him.  Unfortunately as it is my PT day I can’t be there.  Our “derby daughter” pulled me aside Tuesday night and asked if I could possible […]

A Haunting…

For week three we focused on ghosts and haunted houses.  Why do ghosts feature so prominently in our Halloween celebrations?  Where does our love of ghost stories come from?  What about haunted houses? We started the week with a special about Hauntings in Gettysburg, it has been suggested the Civil War was a contributing factor […]