Monster Hands

Well, I did mention that some of our projects just didn’t work. This is one of them. This is “monster toothpaste” some of you may know it as “Elephant Toothpaste”. This was our science experiment for Monster Week. Unfortunately it just didn’t perform as expected. It really did, not much of anything. We were less […]

Monster Slime

Well it wouldn’t be Halloween School without making slime. This is a monster slime from a pretty typical slime recipe. We used an orange food coloring in it. 2tbs borax1 1/3 cup hot water in one bowl 2 cups school glue1 1/2 cups hot waterfood coloringin second bowl Mix borax and hot water in one […]

Exquisite Corpse

These cookies have become a standby in our house. I make them for almost everything. Every time a kid has a birthday I make these cookies. I make them in every color, and sometimes in rainbows. Everyone loves these. Gooey Monster Eye Cookies and they honestly could not be simpler to make. These are one […]