Monster Hands

Well, I did mention that some of our projects just didn’t work. This is one of them. This is “monster toothpaste” some of you may know it as “Elephant Toothpaste”. This was our science experiment for Monster Week. Unfortunately it just didn’t perform as expected. It really did, not much of anything. We were less […]


During the summer we watched The Curious Creations of Christine Mcconnell. I know, I know, it was released in October and we could have watched it well before but for whatever reason we just didn’t have the time. We all loved it. I can’t say we will be tackling most of the big crafts and […]

Just like Hogwarts

Yum, for dinner on Friday night of our first week of Halloween we had Pumpkin Pasties. Just like they do at Hogwarts. I found the recipe for these little treats as I was searching out Halloween meal ideas and knew we had to try them. The site contained two different filling recipes, one sweet and […]

Horrible Magnetism

Our Horrible Science books have some of their own science experiments. Terror tried out a couple from the Shocking Electricity book with great success. These were magnetism experiments. For the first he needed a magnet, a piece of tissue, a straight pin, thread, and tape. He made a little airplane out of the pin with […]

Make a Catapult

Catapults are simple machines. In Medieval times catapults were used to lay siege to castles. They are also fun to build at home from simple things you have laying around. This was built from a cardboard tube, a spoon, and rubber bands. Terror had a good time experimenting with angle and distance. He took his […]