A Haunting…

For week three we focused on ghosts and haunted houses.  Why do ghosts feature so prominently in our Halloween celebrations?  Where does our love of ghost stories come from?  What about haunted houses? We started the week with a special about Hauntings in Gettysburg, it has been suggested the Civil War was a contributing factor […]

Sun Catchers

We started out our day with History Channel’s website and more information about pumpkins.  Do you know how many different types of pumpkins there are?  We do. http://www.history.com/news/hungry-history/the-halloween-pumpkin-an-american-history Then on to making sun catchers.  This was just a simple craft project the boys have been wanting to do for a while.  The cut out construction […]

Ghosts, Phantoms, and other Ghouls

Looking for other monster documentaries we could enjoy I found one on Celtic Death Omens, such as the Banshee and Phantoms.  It was an interesting documentary and something different than the typical vampires and werewolves we usually watch.  I wanted to find something on Frankenstein but unfortunately couldn’t find anything appropriate for the boys. This […]