Monster Hands

Well, I did mention that some of our projects just didn’t work. This is one of them. This is “monster toothpaste” some of you may know it as “Elephant Toothpaste”. This was our science experiment for Monster Week. Unfortunately it just didn’t perform as expected. It really did, not much of anything. We were less than impressed. Perhaps it is something we did wrong, I don’t know. It isn’t one we will try again. If you would like to try this one you can find it here

A project that did work out, our monster hands. While I was searching for interesting monster or werewolf themed projects I found this idea. Unfortunately I only ever found an image of the completed project, no instructions so we sort of made it up as we went. My kids are a little bigger so getting their hand prints to fit on a sheet of paper is more complicated but I love how this turned out.

I will give you an idea of how we completed this project. We simply used washable tempera paint, a large sheet of art paper, a sponge (for spreading paint on hands), a couple of paint brushes, a sharpie. The kids made the hand prints by spreading the washable tempera paint on their hands with a sponge and then placing the hand on the art paper, washing and repeating. We probably should have planned placement better but their hands are a bit large to get 4 hand prints even on such a large sheet of paper and they wanted to do it themselves.

After the paint is dry it is time to decorate the hand prints to make them monstrous. The original had what appeared to be Frankenstein’s Monster, A witch, A skeleton, and a werewolf. My youngest didn’t like the skeleton and made a “ghost”. He also put blood spatters around the paper. My oldest drew bones with the sharpie.

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