How to make a monster

Oh my, well it seems time got away from me again. We were quite busy throughout September and October between our Halloween School work, Halloween events/parties, and a couple of extra curricular activities (Terror and the dogs competed in their first dog show and of course several Roller Derby events). However we had some excited school projects that I want to share.

We made Home Made Marshmallows. When I was a kid I used to make candy with my mother but, though I love baking, I have been a bit intimidated to try any kind of candy making beyond the most basic fudge. I have to say home made marshmallows are totally worth the effort. These were AMAZING!!! They also are not that complicated. If you have ever considered trying this I highly recommend it. We used Alton Brown’s recipe and they turned out perfect.

Week 3 was monster week and this is a project I really enjoy. It is called “Exquisite Corpse” and combines art and writing. This can be done with a larger group of children as well (works even better with 3 kids). Fold sheets of paper into thirds (one per child). First child draws the head of their “creature”. Fold the paper to hide the head and pass to the next child. Second child draws the body of the creature. Again fold the paper so both head and body are hidden. Third child draws the legs of the creature (or the paper is returned to first child if you only have two like in our home). Now return paper to the child who drew the head and let them unfold their creature. Everyone makes up a story for their new creature. You can get some pretty interesting mashed up parts. It goes together well with reading Frankenstein.

We also found an audio of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for this week which we listened to.

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