What goes best with home made marshmallows? Monster Hot Chocolate of course. This is just basic hot chocolate with a little food coloring to make it monstrous purple and of course a couple of those super soft home made marshmallows. Delicious

I worked hard to find new projects to try out this year. Some sort of flopped (more on that soon) but this one was so much fun and super easy too. Sponge Painted Zombie Head. This project uses mostly recycled materials (we used a cereal box for the heads and some yarn scraps) which is nice too.

To start draw a basic skeleton head on a piece of cardboard (cereal box is ideal and I used a skeleton coloring template). Cut out the head. Use pieces of sponge to apply paint to the head. Obviously my kids had different opinions on color palate and I think both worked. Use scraps of cardboard, construction paper, or even buttons for eyes. You can use cardboard or yarn as a mouth. Be creative and enjoy. This project is great for all ages (my kids are probably much older than the project is designed for and still really enjoyed it). Find the original project here


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