During the summer we watched The Curious Creations of Christine Mcconnell. I know, I know, it was released in October and we could have watched it well before but for whatever reason we just didn’t have the time. We all loved it. I can’t say we will be tackling most of the big crafts and projects but we did see something I just knew we had to try, candle making.

I thought this particular craft would fit well in Witch Week. While I realize obviously normal people make candles, the act of candle making does hearken back to “olden times” and modern practitioners often utilize candle magic.

I didn’t want to do simple pour candles (my mistake, read on to learn more…ha ha), I wanted to try something more complicated. I loved the creative candles from the show so I thought we would try it for ourselves. If you have not seen the show I certainly suggest it. It is shot, unfortunately, but a fun watch.

For our project we used
wax obviously, we used part of an old candle, some wax tarts (for smell and more wax) a couple of red crayons for color
wicks, I made our wicks by dipping cotton twine in hot wax
paper towel roll
a pot for melting the wax (use one you don’t care about or be prepared to do a lot of cleaning)
a small ladel

First make a mold for your candles by wrapping your foil around the paper towel roll. Make a base for the bottom with a second square of foil. Make sure it is sturdy and pull the roll out of the center. Punch a hole in the base for your wick to pass through (make the hole as small as possible or your will leak wax). Pass your wick through the hole. Tie a knot at the base of your wick.

Now prepare your wax. Place wax in the pot. We used some recycled wax from an old candle, a few tarts, and a couple of red crayons as we wanted the candles to be red. You just want to melt the wax. As soon as it is melted pull it off of the burner and allow it to cool for about 10minutes (it will start to get a little thick and clumpy, this is where you want it). Now using your ladle pour it into your mold. Let cool. When your candle is completely cool (it takes several hours) you can peel the foil off.

At this point we added a second layer of white wax to make a dual colored candle. Simply melt your wax, hold your candle by the wick, and spoon hot wax over the sides of the candle. It will take a couple of layers to cover your initial color.

A few pictures of the process and some of the issues we ran into. The white candles are the candles we melted down to make these. The first pour went badly. We poured before the wax was cooled enough and we had a lot of difficulty with it leaking right back out. Terror’s candle leaked into the foil and didn’t turn out at all. We were able to do the second coat on Kearnan’s candle though, and it smell’s like Koolaid. We ultimately melted Terror’s candle back down with a little more wax and tried again. So the taller candle is his. I had so much wax left I made a pour candle as well. It smells nice. I probably wouldn’t do this again but it was an interesting project if very messy.

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