Witch’s Tea Time

Week 2 is Witch Week. This year we focused on The Salem Witch Trials in our reading and videos. Last week we prepared with pre-reading exercises for this weeks reading of The Crucible. We also learned listened to the podcast Unobscured for more background information. For documentaries this week I chose History Channel’s Documentary on Salem, Secret’s of the Dead Witch’s Curse, Paranormal Scholar 5 Darkest Cases of Witchcraft and Before Salem, As well as The Pendle Witch Child.

We started our week with a Tea and Poetry, Witch’s Tea Time themed. We have never had a Tea and Poetry before but I came across the idea while searching for Halloween Lesson Plan ideas and knew Terror would enjoy it. After watching our morning documentary we got started prepping Witch’s Stockings for our Tea.

These were very simple to prepare. I found the recipe here https://thepartyteacher.com/2015/10/15/recipe-witchs-stockings-oreo-cream-dessert/

You will need
Chocolate wafer cookies (or oreos, we used oreos)
4cups heavy cream
8oz mascarpone cheese
2tbsp sugar

If you use oreos you will want to separate the cookies and use a butter knife to remove the cream from the middle, discard this. Combine the heavy cream, mascarpone, and sugar in the bowl of a mixer. Blend on high until stiff peaks form. Place one cookie in the bottom of your serving container. I used our tall Halloween glasses but you could use goblets or other “fancy” serving items to make this fun. Now using two spoons or a pastry bag place a dollop of cream on top of the first cookie. Place another cookie on top, then cream, and so forth layering. Put your completed “stockings” into the refrigerator over night to allow the cookies to soften allowing you to place names. As a note we did not follow this last step. I did place the desserts in the fridge but only for a few hours while we completed a craft and prepped our tea. We found the dessert had come together well in that time.

While we waited for the dessert to come together, and for tea time, the boys worked on their crafts. Today they made Pocket Kitties. What does every witch need, a black cat familiar.

Their sewing skills are getting better with practice. They had a lot of fun with these little guys. You can find the instructions and pattern here. https://swoodsonsays.com/free-cat-sewing-pattern/

Then it was time for Tea.

For our Tea I prepared a Pear Tea that Tim brought home from Sweden. I made “gooey” finger sandwiches. Half with cream cheese and Raspberry jam and half cream cheese and Raspberry chipotle jam. Then we had our Witch’s Stockings for dessert. As this was a Tea and Poetry we chose to listen to the poem’s of Edgar Allen Poe as read by Vincent Price. They are available on Spotify and a wonderful addition to our spooky tea time.

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