Just like Hogwarts

Yum, for dinner on Friday night of our first week of Halloween we had Pumpkin Pasties. Just like they do at Hogwarts. I found the recipe for these little treats as I was searching out Halloween meal ideas and knew we had to try them. The site contained two different filling recipes, one sweet and one savory. As I made them for dinner we had the savory filling and it was quite remarkable. These are pumpkin and aged cheddar Pumpkin Pasties.

The pie crust is home made and perfectly flaky and delicious. It was a bit of extra work but definitely worth it in the long run. The filling itself is quite simple. The whole recipe is quite easy and I highly recommend giving these tasty treats a try if you like pumpkin. We may have to try the sweet variety later, perhaps around Thanksgiving. I’m certainly keeping the pie crust recipe on hand as it was one of the better I’ve tried.

Find the recipe here and make them for yourself https://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/pumpkin-pasties

Then of course we finally had our flan. Waiting for it to set up was hard but it was worth it.

It was the perfect accompaniment for Halloweentown. After all it would not be Halloween if we didn’t watch the series.

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