They call it a cloud

On the last day of this short week we watched the documentary attached to Trick R Treat (I love this movie but it isn’t appropriate for younger kids). We finished our lesson plan for The Crucible and listened to some more Obscured.

Today the boys made Bats. I love decorating my house with Halloween decorations that were made by my kids. These bats are some of my favorites. They make them every year. Some years they make more than others. There are lots of templates available, then you just cut them out of black construction paper, very simple and fun.

This year Kearnan made 12 and Terror made 15, that is a lot of bats. If you notice some look a bit different that is because the bats from last year stayed up so well I never bothered taking them down. I just really enjoy them and they look so cute with my pictures.

Today we were a little more adventurous with our baking. We made Pumpkin Flan. We won’t know how it tastes until tomorrow but I’m still really excited. Flan is probably one of my favorite desserts (I just love custard. You can find the full recipe here It is fairly simple. I did not have a 9inch round pan and had to separate into 2 6inch pans but that seems to have turned out fine anyway. This was easier than making cheesecake (which I will do in a few weeks) but we will see how it comes out tomorrow and I will report back.

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