Spice Cookies

On day two we watched The Haunted History of Halloween, another documentary we have watched many times before. We also watched a short documentary by The Paranormal Scholar on the history of Halloween. Tim works from home on Wednesday and was able to assist in our continued lesson plan on the Salem Witch Trials. We were able to have a mock trial to find the “cheating student” in our midst. I don’t know that it works as well with homeschooled children but it at least gave them something to think about.

For art we pulled out the Horror-gami book so they could practice their paper folding. We listened to more Unobscured while they folded.

Then it was the part of Halloween school everyone is really waiting for, baking time. First up was spice cookies. I found the idea on a country living email but I changed it up a little. It really just calls for premade sugar cookie dough mixed with pumpkin or apple spice. We decided to use a sugar cookie mix and add the pumpkin pie spice. Then the recipe calls for cutting out leaf shapes and decorating but we decided to use Halloween cookie cutters. They came out pretty cute, and delicious. The texture was quite nice as well.

It’s not 100% homemade or the most in depth baking we have ever done but they taste good and we had fun making them. They taste sort of like ginger snaps. They didn’t last long around here.

Of course Halloween wouldn’t be complete without watching movies and Halloween themed meals. I planned all of our meals to fit the theme. On Tuesday I made Pumpkin Mac and cheese. Tonight I made Jack’O Lantern Stuffed Peppers. Then we watched Halloweentown.

Isn’t he cute

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