History of Halloween

This week is a short week because of Labor Day. We got started on Tuesday watching the documentary The Real Story of Halloween. We have watched this many times before. I like to start the day with a documentary, it lets the dogs settle down and lets the kids get breakfast and settle in. We have rehashed the history behind Halloween many times, read the same information, watched the same documentaries. So I didn’t bother re-reading the old sites again. This year we started reading with a lesson plan to accompany The Crucible which we will be reading next week.


We found a few of the links were dead and had to hunt down our own timeline and map to work with. We used this timelinehttps://historyofmassachusetts.org/timeline-of-the-salem-witch-trials/
We then found this podcast which we listened to over the course of the week and found very useful for the lesson as well as background moving into next week. https://historyunobscured.com/episode101/

For science we made a Fall Leaf Sensory Bottle.

All you need is a glass bottle (we used a Voss Bottle but a large mason jar will also work). Fake fall leaves (fabric leaves from the craft store), light corn syrup, gold glitter, and water.

Clean your glass bottle.
Place a handful of colorful leaves inside
Fill 2/3 full with corn syrup
Add glitter (not too much)
Fill the rest of the way with water, you don’t want any bubbles)
Now seal and shake. It will take a little while to get the corn syrup and water to mix perfectly. We added to much corn syrup the first time and had to pour a little of the liquid out and add more water. You can decide how much is just right for your sensory bottle. You can also add more glitter if you think you need more. When you are perfectly happy you can add a little super glue around the lid to seal it shut (adults should do this part). Our leaves were a little too big so they stay suspended most of the time, just the glitter moves around but it looks really pretty.

You can find the original directions, and directions for many other sensory bottles here. https://rhythmsofplay.com/windy-fall-leaves-sensory-bottle/

Then we were on to art. For our first day the boys wanted to do the Spider Web pattern project. This is a project they were familiar with from last year.

I am fond of the alternating colors. It has some similarities to the zen tangles my youngest has been doing for art. It is a fun and simple project. You can find it here. https://kinderart.com/art-lessons/drawing/spider-web/

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