Horrible Magnetism

Our Horrible Science books have some of their own science experiments. Terror tried out a couple from the Shocking Electricity book with great success. These were magnetism experiments.

For the first he needed a magnet, a piece of tissue, a straight pin, thread, and tape. He made a little airplane out of the pin with the tissue paper. Tied one end of the thread to the pin, taped the other end to the coffee table. Then he made the plane “fly” with the magnet. This actually didn’t work the first time he tried, the first pin was not magnetic (the majority of my straight pins are not, which was interesting).

In the second experiment he learned that magnets work through glass and water. He dropped a paperclip into a glass of water. Then he moved the magnet along the outside of the glass. The paperclip rose right to the top along with the magnet. He then spent some time magnetizing paperclips.

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