We are twelve weeks into this school year (whew) and of course we have made a few changes. Most things are going pretty smoothly. I am pretty pleased by how well it is going even with the addition of the new puppy (who is a lot more work than most of our previous dogs). We decided to change subjects in science every 9weeks, so physics, then diseases, then anthropology, ect. However he decided he wanted to do a year of Pirates next year and would like to do Astronomy as his science with Pirates (we will probably do something else like Oceanography and Geology to accompany). So I switched out some books and added in some more.

We now have
Shocking Electricity (which we finished with physics)
Deadly Diseases
Microscopic Monsters
Blood, Bones, and Body Bits
Bulging Brains
Disgusting Digestion
Vicious Veg

We will probably do Anatomy and Biology right after Diseases. Leaving us with Archaeology and Anthropology. I held on to Vicious Veg but we may never do anything with it.

We have watched a few documentaries with our history and science. We watched a documentary on Chernobyl to go with nuclear power. We watched a few on the Plantagenet Kings and Richard III. I want to either watch Mary Queen of Scots or Bloody Mary. Possibly the Princes in the Tower.

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