Horrible Magnetism

Our Horrible Science books have some of their own science experiments. Terror tried out a couple from the Shocking Electricity book with great success. These were magnetism experiments. For the first he needed a magnet, a piece of tissue, a straight pin, thread, and tape. He made a little airplane out of the pin with […]

Connecting the Earth

In the last of our Physics Kit experiments we made an “Earth” out of playdough, used tooth picks to represent houses and utility sources. Then tried to connect the utility lines (represented by colored ribbons) without crossing the lines. I think we weren’t supposed to be able to accomplish this but if you just ran […]

Build the Castle

A study of the medieval period would not be complete without castles. Castles are a masterpiece of engineering. Of course most children have built wooden block castles at some point. Today we talked about what makes up the castle. What is inside a castle, what is outside the castle. Would you want to live in […]

Windmills Spin

Windmills were a used in medieval times. To make our own we sorted through some house hold items. We decided that a paper cup and straw were the best for making our small windmill.

Make a Catapult

Catapults are simple machines. In Medieval times catapults were used to lay siege to castles. They are also fun to build at home from simple things you have laying around. This was built from a cardboard tube, a spoon, and rubber bands. Terror had a good time experimenting with angle and distance. He took his […]

Turn a Shirt Inside Out

With the new puppy still settling in there has been a struggle really setting up experiments every week. Luckily I did have our physics box kit to fall back on when needed. This experiment called itself, how to turn your shirt inside out while wearing it. The experiment utilized a chopstick in place of a […]