Kings, Queens, Knights, and Castles

Seems like we just finished up with last year but time to roll right into a new year. We don’t take a break here for summer, we prefer to take short breaks through the year whenever we feel like it. Of course we also take off for “Halloween School” so we don’t have time to sit around over the summer.

This year Terror wanted to focus on Knights and Castles. European History happens to be a favorite subject of mine and I have a full collection of Horrible Histories books (The Bloodcurdling Box Set, as well as many extras and special additions) as well as Gruesome Geography, Murderous Maths, and Horrible Science box sets. So I said, why not, lets put something together.

For our Rotten Rulers, Dark Ages, and Castles Curriculum I chose to primarily utilize Horrible History books, supplementing from a few other sources, and watching a few documentaries. I like Timelines documentaries and there is a Horrible Histories series as well.

For Science I chose to go with a Physical Science style curriculum. I chose Horrible Sciences books and am supplementing with websites and experiments. I chose to only plan 9weeks of science at a time so I could change things if they weren’t working. I’m hoping I can keep the science related to the theme. We are starting with physics and I am trying to do experiments that relate back to the middle ages, trebuchets, catapults, windmills, ect. I am also hoping to do archaeology, and possibly diseases.

For math we are going to just stick with the math program he has been utilizing.

Writing will continue to be writing strands.

Extras This year for extras we are focusing on art. We started out learning Zen Tangle and he has been practicing with that. I also have several books on the lives of famous artists which we will read.

Dog showing, Terror has his Junior Number with AKC and has started conformation classes. He is learning how to handle a dog in the ring and hopes to show his own dog soon.
Check out Horrible Histories

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