Making Monsters

It seems time got away from me and I lost track of what I was doing. Some of us celebrate Halloween all year, maybe others celebrate Walpurgisnacht, or maybe you think our fascination with this holiday is crazy. Whatever the case I thought I would finish my posts about our Halloween studies before we start preparing for Halloween again.

Week 5 is Monsters Week we started off with an art project we have done before, make me a monster. For this art project your child will draw the back of their head and shoulders. Then they draw their reflection as if they have turned into a monster. We place these into a mirror made from aluminum foil, framed with construction paper. This has been an interesting project for reflecting on what makes a monster.

Then we made a jello brain. We attempted this last year and I am sad to say we failed miserably. This year our jello brain was a success. Is this what monsters eat? Maybe.

For Monster Week we read Frankenstein which the boys really enjoyed. We utilized the Edsitement lesson plan to focus questions and discussion.

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