Little Ghost and Popping Boos

I am always amused at the things my kids enjoy the most.  I was a bit worried this project would be too simple or “little kidish” for them but they really enjoyed making this little paper ghost.


This is very simple, they cut out the template.  Cut out the little ghost.  Added some googly eyes, and added the little lollipop stick.  Then they played with their new friend.

Here is the template and instructions for the paper ghost.


Then we moved on to a favorite from last year, boo bombs.


This is another super simple project that I thought my kids would be too old for but they really can’t get enough of it, probably because it explodes.  Really anything with vinegar and baking soda is a huge hit here.  We start off drawing ghost faces on the bags.  Then I fill them about halfway with white vinegar and a touch of corn starch for color.  We make little “bombs” with toilet paper wrapped baking soda (just a spoonful in a little square squeezed tight).   I close up the bags to take them out on the drive way,  and carry out the “bombs” for the kids.  Then they open the bag, drop in the “bomb” and seal it up.  If you hold the “bomb” up in the corner while you seal the bag you have more time to sit it down and get away before it bursts.  We learned that ziplock bags will hold their seal and burst at the seams.  My kids were impressed.  Thank you to Growing a Jeweled Rose for this experiment.

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