Drawing bats

We spent some time working on drawing skills. Terror didn’t enjoy this as much as Kear did.  I think we may practice some more of these, Terror needs some more work on following directions.   We also played spider toss which the boys did enjoy. The goal was to get the tiny spiders into the […]

Little Bats

Week 4 is Vampire Week.  I have collected a few favorite bat crafts that we work in to this week.  It can be difficult to find good vampire crafts and treats is a great option.   Paper cut out bats has been a favorite craft in our house for a couple of years now.  I […]


My favorite art project for the past couple of years has been our haunted house project.  It is based off of the paintings of Lewis Barret Lehrman.  I highly recommend checking out his art if you never have. Terror opted for water color this year and I really like how it turned out.   Of […]