Harvest Moon

Do you know what the meaning behind the “Harvest Moon” is?  I can’t say I really did until we studied it for our art project.  The full moon that falls closest to the Autumnal Equinox will rise right at sunset and will continue to rise just after sunset for a few days just after making it appear as if there is a full moon for several days in a row.  This gives farmers additional light just as the daylight is waning.  You can learn more here https://www.almanac.com/content/what-harvest-moon

The boys drew their own Harvest Moon after we studied the science behind them.


We also did a Scary Story project this week.  As we did not do a reading about witches I wanted to do something else.
We write our own “ghost stories” every year as part of Halloween School.  I also read ghost stories to them as part of their school work, so this wasn’t the first time we have read ghost stories.  This time we did turn the lights down and we held a flashlight as suggested.  When we were done we discussed what makes a scarey story, what are its parts and how is it different than other stories.  I read a few more stories from the book and we talked about them.

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