Leaving Hogwarts

Well this post was a long time coming.  I did mean to post as we went along with the year but just didn’t keep up with it.  Unfortunately due to health issues our year actually took far longer than it should have.  Luckily Terror was actually a “year ahead” and I am not concerned.  We will figure things out as we move forward.  Here are a few highlights of our year of potions (and herbology).  Some of the experiments turned out well, others not so much.



Volcano in a bottle turned out greatIMG_6587IMG_6588IMG_6589IMG_6590

clear slime was not so successful, it stayed way too sticky.IMG_6993IMG_6994


growing a crystal went well.  IMG_7191IMG_7192IMG_7193IMG_7204IMG_7205IMG_7206IMG_7192

Ice chalk turned out pretty cool.  IMG_6520IMG_6519

“Cleaning Pennies” did not work as well as we hoped.IMG_6510IMG_6509

We also struggled with making rainbow paper.  IMG_6340IMG_6339IMG_6338IMG_6337IMG_6336IMG_6335IMG_6334

magic milk painting was fun IMG_6267IMG_6266

we grew spaghetti squash for a while but they didn’t transition outside well.  IMG_5856IMG_5855

Laundry detergent slime was fun to play with for a while but it didn’t store well, it separated and hardened.  Monster Blood was the best slime we made.


I was very happy with the history program I pieced together.  I was able to find books on both the history of witchcraft (the persecution of witches, the witch hunt phenomenon, and how it effected trial law) and on the history of stage magic.  I utilized Word Wizardry for writing and Terror enjoyed it.  I was able to find many Hogwarts themed math units on TeachersPayTeachers and utilized those.  So, despite the year running longer than I wanted it to I think it was a success.  I am planning another theme year which I will post about soon.

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