Popcorn Balls

My favorite Halloween treat when I was a kid was popcorn balls.  My best friend’s mom used to make them for us.  The store bought ones are not anywhere near as good, and of course you can’t hand them out to strangers.  So now I have to make them for myself if I want them.

I have an air popper than makes for far better popcorn in my opinion.  1/2 cup of kernels makes enough popcorn to make a batch of popcorn balls.  We followed this recipe http://allrecipes.com/recipe/20519/best-ever-popcorn-balls/  The boys mixed for me but I shaped the balls, handling hot sugar is just not something I wanted them doing.  It is really the same principal as shaping rice crispies but hotter.


Then we made Halloween sun catchers.

We have done different versions of this craft before.  This time we used coffee filters and painted them with water color paints.  The boys then cut out silhouette shapes to put in the middle.  They turned out nicely.

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