Pan Los Muertos

Bread of the dead is part of the tradition of Dia De Los Muertos.  Similar breads and cakes are baked as offerings for Samhain.  We have made bread men and bread of the dead before.  This year I think it turned out better than in the past.

I used gluten free flour and made the topping a bit different.  The boys put colored sugars on their breads.  Gluten free breads are hard to work so they are just round but they still turned out nice.

The recipe comes from here.

The boys painted their Cavalera Kitties while waiting for their bread to bake.

They added bones to the black kitty silhouette and colorful flours.

Thank you to Paintbrush Rocket for this craft idea


Our bread came out of the over warm and delicious.  The boys and I had it with lunch.

We saved one for when dad got home.

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