The thing my kids enjoy most is making a mess.  All of their favorite projects are messy. So of course Monster Ooblec is a favorite.  Well I think Ooblec is a favorite for almost everyone.


Ooblec is simple to make and fun to play with.  Simply combine 1cup water with 2 cups cornstarch and stir.  We use a big plastic tub but any large container will do.  You can add food coloring if you want.  This time we added a few themed items to our Ooblec play.


Well, with that mess cleaned up how about another messy project?  Smashed monsters anyone?  This is another favorite and it is as simple as it sounds.  All you need is construction paper (any paper really will do) and tempera paint.  Googly eyes, glitter, and markers are optional additions to the fun.

Fold your paper in half, direction does not matter.  Open the paper and drop a blob of paint into the fold.  Now close the paper and press, smearing the paint inside the paper (if you are not careful the paint will leak out around the edges).  Open your paper back up to reveal your monster.  Now you may add glitter to your wet paint if you would like.  Add on eyes, draw on legs or antenna, get creative.

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