Sometimes things just don’t go right

Sometimes no matter how much thought and planning you put into your day/week, things fall apart.  That was sort of how our day went Tuesday.  Things started well enough, our video was good.  Then we hit a speed bump with our Vampire Slime.


I wanted to try a different slime, not the typical glue slimes we’ve been making.  So I thought we would try this Metamucil slime recipe.  Unfortunately I wasn’t careful enough reading the ingredients of the fiber supplement I purchased and….we didn’t wind up with slime, just water.   Hey…these things happen right?

You can find the recipe for Vampire Slime here  It is taste safe and I do think we may try it again in the future…maybe….


So we moved on to our craft.  Maybe I should have just packed it in and put on a movie?

We were supposed to make Origami Bats…after an hour we gave up.  I’m not going to lie, this one is pretty complicated.

After lunch we decided to try one last thing.  I had a sample pack of uv reactive powder.  We decided to make some slime with that.

This is just our regular slime recipe with the addition of the UV reactive powder.  Terror wanted to add the red so I’m not sure how well the UV react works.  It does seem to show yellow under the Black Light pen so I guess it is working (couldn’t get any decent pictures of that).  We made this one with Saline Solution and oddly it is sitting in a mason jar with excess water all around it looking a lot like a brain at the moment.  Well…Happy Halloween I guess.

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