No matter how old my kids get they never get too old for things that pop or blow up.  I found this little activity and I was worried my boys were just too old, I should have known they would love it.


Boo! Bombs away

Would you like to make these bursting specters?  They really are both fun and simple.  You will need sandwich bags, a permanent marker, cornstarch (for color), vinegar, toilet paper squares, and baking soda.


First draw ghostly faces on your sandwich bags.  Then fill each bag between 1/3 to 1/2 full with vinegar (too little and they won’t work) add a little cornstarch for the nice ghostly coloring.  Close and set aside.  Now make your “bombs”.  For each bag you will need a square of toilet paper.  Put a spoonful of baking soda in the center of the square, fold to seal closed.  Take your ghosts and baking soda packs outside.  You are ready to explode your ghosts.

To set off your ghostly bomb you will open a bag (try to open just the corner if possible) drop one of your baking soda bombs in, and place on your sidewalk or driveway and watch what happens.  It is best to set them off one at a time.  We did learn that if you drop these guys from a substantial height they will explode so sitting them down is ideal.  My boys loved this and are already asking when they can do it again.


Thank you to Growing A Jeweled Rose for this activity.  For more information check their blog.

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