Growing Pumpkins

Well we had a nice week off for Halloween but it is time to get back to the books.  The holidays are fast approaching bringing with them Melon’s birthday (11, official preteen territory here), and more time off I am sure.  So we got down to business this week with a fun Herbology project, learning about plant life cycles.

Well during our Halloween school work we actually did my packet on Pumpkin plants, that was bad planning on my part.  Oh well, we went ahead and watched a video on fern life cycles because they are more interesting than seeded plants.  Better than that several of the seeds in our pumpkins had started sprouting so instead of roasting them we decided to plant them.  Well of the 4 we planted 2 decided to take root and grow.  Pumpkin sprouts grow quickly and are great for learning about life cycle.


These little guys were just placed in the dirt a few days ago and are already pushing through.  Unfortunately our succulent garden died (I am really bad with plants….).

Within a week the first plant had shed its seed, and now at 2weeks both plants are looking quite large.  We need to decide what to do with them next, they can’t stay in the little bowl much longer.  I would love to see them grow some pumpkins.



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