Painting Trees

For the week leading up to Halloween we take it easy.  Just lots of art projects, baking, and watching as many Halloween cartoons as I can find.

Our first project was foil painting trees.

Start by painting a trunk for your tree.  Then the fun part starts.  Take your foil and crunch  it up.  Then take a couple of nice fall colors (we used orange, red, and yellow).  Dip the foil into the paint and let your artistic juices flow.

As you can see the kids had a blast.  Thank you to Munchkins and Moms for the project idea.


After painting we decided to bake off some cookies.  Just simple slice and bake, you can’t necessarily whip up made from scratch cookies every day but these tasted good anyway.  Personally I like them best right out of the tube, but that will be our little secret.



These didn’t last long.  The kids enjoyed watching Worst Witch the TV series.  I think we need to purchase that one.


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