Happy Samhain

I know I have mentioned before that this is a secular blog.  Well, when this time of year hits my Celtic Pagan roots come out and I celebrate Samhain pretty traditionally with an alter laid with food, wine (mead), and flowers.  I also go over the top for Halloween, as is pretty obvious from the last several weeks of my blog.


On Halloween we listen to Celtic Music.  We clean, bake, and prepare treats for the Trick or Treaters.

First the boys made chocolate covered pretzels.  They used the left over chocolate to make some chocolate bark.  Looks like it all turned out well (I can’t eat any of it).

Then we made pumpkin muffins.


Then it was time for Trick or Treat

Kear was a skeleton, Melon was Sam from Trick R Treat.  I made the Same costume and am rather proud of how it came out.  I think he looked a lot like Sam.  Our friend Mr. Chris came over to go TorTing with us.  I stayed home to hand out candy.


When everything was said and done, all of the little ghoulies were at home and tucked into bed (as Halloween was Monday this year) Melon and I took care of our alters.  We took our cookies and wine (he uses water) and said our blessings as we released them.  We said our goodbyes to the spirits for another year.  We blew out our candles.


My family had a wonderful Halloween.  I hope yours did as well.



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