Witch Hat Cupcakes

The boys have been wanting to make these for a while.  They were so excited that it was finally witch week and we could make our Witch Cupcakes.

To make our witch hat cupcakes we first made dark chocolate cupcakes.  We used a box mix because we had one.  We scooped a tablespoon of cake out of the center of each and let them cool before moving on to the next step.

While they were cooling the boys made cake-pops.  We added Jiff hazelnutt spread to the extra cake and they were able to make small cake-pops on forks.  To hold off starvation.

When the cupcakes were cool we made the frosting.  We added a bit of food coloring to make it purple, to make it more “witchy”.  Unfortunately our frosting turned out more like icing so it was a bit messy.  I am told it tasted good anyway.  To finish the witches hats the boys added sugar cones and decorated with icing.  Melon and Kearnan did all of the work themselves.  I was really impressed.

When we were done we read some more Worst Witch.  If you have not read this series I recommend it.

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