Pocket Monsters

Were you a Pokemon fan?  I admit I rushed home from high school every day to catch the newest episode of the original series.  I saw the movie in the theater, played the game (on a gameboy, old skool), and collected the cards.  Pokemon has staying power.  It is still around and more popular than ever.  My boys love these little “Pocket Monsters,” watch the shows and movies, play the games, and collect the cards.

Pokemon is not the first or only collector card game.  My boys also enjoy Yu-gi-oh.  Though the creatures in Pokemon more resemble animals than monsters the enjoyment my (and so many other) kids get from collecting and playing with these cards gave me an idea for another project, Monster Trading Cards.

The concept is simple, cards with pictures and “stats” about their favorite monsters.  I gave each child a couple of sheets of cardstock and colored pencil.  They were in charge of cutting out cards (they used Pokemon cards as a template).  Then they chose monsters, drew pictures and added in attack/defense stats and some basic information for their monsters.  The assignment was 5 monsters but the boys enjoyed the project so much they have decided to make more.  I have found them “battling” with their monsters several times.  I would say the project was a success.


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