Painting Pictures

My boys love werewolves.   Anthropologists and psychologists say that werewolves represent the primal nature in all of us; that is why werewolf legends are so prevalent.  Well, I don’t think my kids are thinking about that.  I know for Melon it is the allure of the wolf.  Last year he was a Werewolf for Halloween.  We watched the History Channel’s Werewolf Documentary again, still worth a watch.

For today I had planned a painting project.  This was similar to our Spooky Painting but we combined straw painting to create a slightly different effect.  The boys really enjoyed it.  Obviously it didn’t have much to do with werewolves, or monsters, but any painting is fun in their book.


For the project we used



tempera paint thinned (ink or water color would also work)



This is a very simple project but creates a great effect.  For the first step take a large brush and paint your background.  The boys chose an almost rainbow effect, a sunset would look good for this.  We used water colors.  Let your paint dry well.

While we waited we made Halloween Brownies.

This was just a simple funfetti brownie box mix.  The boys enjoyed and made it all by themselves.  Super fun and clearly delicious.  I can’t have any as I am gluten free but they sure did enjoy them.


When your brownies are done….I mean when your paint is dry prepare to paint your spooky tree.  First paint a trunk.  Then place a drop or two of ink or thinned paint near the top of the trunk and blow through a straw.  We used tempera paint thinned with water.  It worked pretty well but I am sure ink would have turned out better, I didn’t want to deal with the mess.  Add more drops as you go.

The boys had a great time doing something different.  A big thank you to Buggy and Buddy for the idea.


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