Making Monsters

Monsters conjure many different images these days.  From werewolves and Frankenstein terrorizing towns to cute furry muppets at our children’s birthday parties.  We have a bit of a confusing relationship with monsters.  Whether you enjoy horror movie monsters, classic fairy tale monsters, monsters of the cute and furry variety, or tasty treats decorated like monsters, there is a monster for you.

A friend of mine gave the boys monster making kits for Christmas.  This seemed like the perfect time to pull them out.  The kits each included instruction and idea books, felt, stuffing, and odds and ends for making “monsters”.  Kear decided to make the monster detailed in his kit.  Melon, he decided to make a monster on his own.  I was actually surprised by how much Melon enjoyed sewing.  It turned out to be a great project, excellent dexterity work.  I don’t think I’ve seen Melon so serious about anything that wasn’t skating…well ever.

Melon calls his monster, Mr. Voodoo.  He is very proud of how he turned out.  Kear did not enjoy this project quite as well but his Zombie did turn out pretty well.

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