Monsters Week and Dissolving Candy

Halloween Homeschool week2 and we are onto monsters.  This is always a favorite for my boys.  Who doesn’t love monsters.  I have some interesting things planned for the week.  First up of course we watched a documentary on Vampires.  History channel always has several available and we’ve watched the same one several times but they don’t mind.

Then on to science.  Today we dissolved candy.  Okay, not much to do with monsters but you can’t argue about candy and Halloween.  For our experiment we used Candy Corn and Nuclear Sour Gummy Worms.  You can use any candy, you just want two types of candy that are different.  I think we should have tried something even more different, like marshmallows or peppermints.

So for this experiment you will need

8 pieces of candy (4 each of 2 different types)

8 clear cups

hot water

cold water


vegetable oil

timer (stop watch or cell phone, ect)

This is an easy experiment to set up.  Set out 4 cups, fill one with cold water, one with hot water, one with vinegar, one with vegetable oil.  You can label them to make it easier to tell the difference.  Get your timer ready.  Take 4 piece of candy corn and drop one in each cup at the same time.  Start your timer and observe.  What happened in each solution?  How long did it take for the candy to dissolve?  Did it dissolve completely?  Now set up the same for the second candy.  Do you think it will react the same?  How will they react differently?

My kids enjoyed this experiment.  Some of their hypotheses were correct, some were off.


Thank you to Little Bins For Little Hands for the experiment idea.

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