Are you Afraid of the Dark?


Well, are you?

I am a child of the 90’s.  There was nothing better than hanging out with my friends (and sibling, ok) and watching this show on a Saturday night.  We waited each week for a new story.  For a while we tried to create our own “Midnight Society;” crafting spooky tales, and attempting to frighten each other while huddled around a flashlight in a circle of pillows on someone’s floor or, better still, a backyard.  Of course it wasn’t as cool as a campfire circle in the woods.

My husband shares my love of Halloween, though maybe not quite as obsessively.  He also shares my nostalgia for this show.  A couple of years ago we introduced our boys to Are you Afraid of the Dark (thank you Amazon and YouTube), they couldn’t get enough.  They clamored for more horror.  Obviously child appropriate horror can be difficult to come by.  We tried Goosebumps (Netflix has it), Haunting Hour, Spookesville, and Deadtime Stories.  We enjoyed all of them in their own right.  Nothing was quite the same though.  We read “scary stories” and the boys asked about their own “Midnight Society.”  So, we obliged.

As part of Halloween School each week we all write a ghost story.  On Friday night at dusk Tim sets up the fire pit (unfortunately we don’t have a secret spot in the woods for a camp fire), and we take terms telling our stories.  Then we have marshmallows toasted on the fire.

This week we started early in the evening because it was Tim’s birthday.  We roasted hot dogs over the fire before story time.  Then we had marshmallows and stories.  A little bit of a flip on tradition but you have to change things up sometimes.  Just remember, as long as you stay close to the fire there is nothing to be afraid of.

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