Dias De Los Muertos

Now that my kids are older and we have been studying the History of Halloween for several years I thought it was important to study other holidays that have similar histories.  We started studying Dias De Los Muertos a couple of years ago.  At first we just touched on the topic briefly.  However we live in Texas and for many of our friends and neighbors this is a very important holiday.  I thought it was important my children understand the deeper meaning behind this holiday as well.

I set aside a week this year for the study of Dias De Los Muertos.  We started out with a couple of documentaries and short films aimed at children so the boys could start to understand what the holiday represented.  Then we dove into cooking and crafts.  I think I may have planned a bit too much.

First on the list was sugar skulls.  I purchased the molds at Michael’s, they are easy to find here.  I couldn’t decide whether to try the traditional sugar mixture but I was a bit apprehensive about it and the mold recommended candy melts.  I will never do that again.  Ultimately I did get the skulls to turn out, though the two halves did not stick together well and the decorator icing didn’t want to stick well either.  In the end the boys got to experience decorating a sugar skull which is what we were hoping for.

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