Popcorn Balls


When I was a kid my best friend’s mother always made popcorn balls for the neighborhood kids.  This was my favorite thing at Halloween, they tasted amazing.  I tried making popcorn balls once for my son’s class (the only year he was in school) and I burnt my hands.  I haven’t made them since.  This year I found a recipe for green slime popcorn and decided we just had to try it.  I wanted that nostalgic popcorn ball flavor in something that might not burn the skin off my hands.

The recipe calls for

½ cup (1 stick butter)

1 cup light brown sugar, packed

2 Tablespoons light corn syrup

2 heaping cups miniature marshmallows (or 12 large)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

6 drops each green and yellow food coloring

8 cups popped popcorn

First things first we broke out our handy dandy air pop popcorn maker and popped some popcorn.  I set 8cups to the side and let the boys chow down on the rest.  Popcorn for lunch, does that make me an irresponsible mom or just awesome?  New we got on making the ooey-gooey green slime coating.

Melt your butter and mix in the brown sugar stirring so it doesn’t burn.  Add in the corn syrup and stir.  Remove from heat.  Add in mini-marshmallows, vanilla, and food coloring.  Stir until marshmallows melt.  Combine with popcorn and stir until popcorn is well coated.  We had some difficulty getting the marshmallows to melt, I had to pop it back on the heat for a moment and add a bit of butter to keep it from seizing up.  I found it super thick.  I don’t know if we did something wrong or that is normal.  After stirring the “slime” into the popcorn I decided to form the mixture into popcorn balls.  I waited until it was cool enough that I didn’t wind up burning myself.  It was sticky enough to form balls but not so much that it stuck to my hands.  The result was very very sweet.  Not quite the popcorn balls I remember.  I think the brown sugar was too much for me.  They were good though.  Kearnan really liked them.

Aside from making popcorn balls we also read about the history of Halloween and played a game “I Have Who Has” that the kids enjoyed.  I read the boys more ghost stories and they worked on their own ghost stories to be ready by Friday.  We also watched a few Ghost specials.  The kids like those hauntings TV shows.  I let them watch them when I need to work on prep stuff.


http://www.loc.gov/folklife/halloween.html   We read this every year but it remains one of our favorite resources.

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