Haunted History of Halloween

I am always looking for good, at least semi-accurate, and child safe documentaries for us to use for homeschooling.  I enjoy the history channel documentaries.  They aren’t always completely accurate but they give us a jumping off point.  We have now watched all of the Halloween documentaries at least once but we still watch them again and again each year.  My kids like to sit down and watch a documentary while eating breakfast or lunch.  I like it because I can do laundry or take care of the dogs and not feel like we aren’t getting anything done.  Though I enjoy the documentaries as well.  To end our first week we watched A Haunted History of Halloween, which we have seen several times, but we still enjoy.

Then we moved on to a couple of simple craft projects.  I purchased a few sets of felt cut outs that I wanted to have strung together to make a garland.  I set the boys up with those and gave each a needle and thread while I did a bit of printing for our next project.  I think it turned out rather well.  It is actually far larger than I thought it would be but it looks really nice between our living room and dining room (our house is all open so there is no real division).


When this was completed we moved on to tracing and cutting out paper bats for the wall.  I printed out a template and gave both of the boys a bat to trace.  They then traced and reproduced as many bats as they could.  Then we taped them in a group on one of the walls.  I think they turned out quite nicely.


These may seem like projects for much younger children but both boys have some manual dexterity issues so I’m always looking for ways to get them to work do fine motor tasks.  Things like paper cut outs and lacing are fun and they created something to decorate our house.  We are all very happy with how they turned out.

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