Halloween History and Graveyard Making

Halloween Homeschooling Week 1.  Getting into the swing of things and we started off with “The History of Halloween”.  Of course my kids have already covered this topic but it has been a year and they are 15 and 10.  Never hurts to go over the same subject again.

We started out with History Channel’s History of Halloween documentary.  Now we have watched several versions of this over the years.  This time we actually searched through the options on YouTube and managed to find an old version that had recently been uploaded.  It was very similar to the version we have watched before but not identical.  Gave us a slightly different view and something “new” to watch.

With the documentary watched it was time to dig into crafting.  Obviously crafting is the best part of Halloween school.  This is a craft I saw on a sign at Michael’s while shopping for decorations so I picked some things up and threw it together.


You will need

1 glass beaker (or similar, mason jars will probably work too I have two because I have two boys)

Black sand (bought at the pet shop)

Glowing stones (you could probably use something else but these look really cool)

Creepy miniature (we used 1 per jar, you might want more but don’t over do)

Peat moss

Small twigs (we grabbed these from the fire pile, kids like collecting sticks)


Now it is time to make your grave yard scene.  It is probably harder to explain the process than it is just to show pictures.  I gave each of my boys their beakers and poured 3inches of black sand in the bottom as “grave yard soil.”  Then they set to work creating their scene.

Each filled his beaker with little twigs (trees), a miniature (Kear chose a ghost, Terror chose the reaper), some peat moss, and glowing stones.  In the end they had creepy decorations to set on the mantle.  It was a fun and simple project, and it glows in the dark.  The only down side I really see is storage.


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