First Day of Hogwarts

I planned the first 4 weeks of Terror’s Hogwarts curriculum so we could get started.  I hate to take more than a month off at a stretch or I find the kids begin to backslide particularly in math.  I could have planned the whole year but as this is our first time trying something quite like this I wanted to see how everything was working before committing to more than a couple of weeks.  I may need to add or change something and don’t want to have planned and printed 36weeks worth of planners.


So today was our first day.  I let him sleep until 10:30 because he is not feeling great (allergies) and he is not a morning person.  I had printed a Hogwarts Letter for him and set it on the table and he seemed to enjoy that.  After breakfast he put on his robe and we took a sorting quiz.  He was glad to be a Ravenclaw but was apparently hoping to be a Hufflepuff.  Our day was a little slow as we got used to some of our new subjects, I think he would have been faster if he had felt better.  Herbology was a success and he enjoyed History of Magic.  He still hates math even if I call it Arithmancy.  We will see how it all goes tomorrow.




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