Dragon Garden

For our first day of Herbology we built a Dragon Garden.  This was a simple and fun project which I highly recommend.


Bowl (I purchased a large glass bowl from Target)

Dragon Skull (from fish section at pet shop)

Jewels (also from fish section at pet shop)

Potting mix (I just purchased a small bag)

Assorted Succulents (I bought small variety succulents on sale at Aldi, many stores have these)

Small misting bottle for watering (I bought at Target for under $1 but most stores have these)

You may want to add items such as decorative moss or the bones of defeated heroes, use your imagination.


To create your own Dragon garden prepare your “terrarium” (large glass bowl), by removing any stickers and washing it.  Add your potting soil to about 1-2 inches from the top.  Dig small holes around the edge for your succulents (use your fingers for sensory fun), place and cover root ball gently.  Situate your decorations amid your succulents.  Mist with water bottle and ensure your garden is in a good location to get sunlight.   Enjoy your Dragon Garden.


IMG_4716 IMG_4717 IMG_4722 IMG_4725 IMG_4727 IMG_4731


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