Welcome to my homeschool blog.  I am a stay at home mother of two boys presently aged 14.5 and 10.  There are many questions I have been asked over the years, why did I start homeschooling, how did I start, did I always want to homeschool, and so many other things.  To answer all of those questions would make for a long post.  I will try for the short version.

I always planned to homeschool my kids.  I am not a fan of the public school system.  My oldest son is Autistic and we have had some difficulties in our schooling journey.  He received services through the public school early on and did spend one year in a charter school (k-1).  He prefers homeschooling and while he still struggles at times he is working at home.  He is roughly halfway through his 8th grade curriculum now.  My youngest has never been in a public school nor is he interested in it.  He also has special needs but not academically.

Our schooling style is sort of secular eclectic Charlotte Mason.  We are heavily influenced by literature.  I feel that if my kids can read they can learn anything.  Art, music, and life skills are also a big part of our school day.

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