8th grade

This year is a big year, my oldest is a teenager now.  There are a lot of things to think about when homeschooling teens.  I worry more and more these days about his future, what he will do “after” our house.  Of course he isn’t concerned at all, he is concerned with doing as little work as possible these days, puberty is not a fun time.  Don’t get me wrong he is a great kid, just not always interested in school work.

Expectations increase with age and schoolwork is no exception.  When I set out to plan his 8th grade curriculum I found that while Ambleside provided a challenging booklist the majority of the list were books I was not interested in having my son read.  I weighed my options, investigated other Charlotte Mason curriculums and book lists.  Ultimately I decided to just plan my own.

This is a first for me, I have not planned my own curriculum before.  I have mostly used a preplaned curriculum or altered what was already laid out on Ambleside.  This time I planned to use the same basic idea, but build it myself.  I knew I wanted to base our year in American History.  I decided to use Joy Hakim’s The History of Us as a spine.  I chose biographies and novels to fit.  We stuck with Life of Fred for math (Algebra this year) and chose a science.  We added in states study for geography.  I feel good about my first year planning on my own.

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