A year at Hogwarts

My youngest is soon to finish up 4th grade (how is my baby growing up so fast?) and I am thinking about next year.  As he will be turning 11 during his next school year I thought it would be fun to do “A Year at Hogwarts”.  I want to go all out, Hogwarts letter, […]

8th grade

This year is a big year, my oldest is a teenager now.  There are a lot of things to think about when homeschooling teens.  I worry more and more these days about his future, what he will do “after” our house.  Of course he isn’t concerned at all, he is concerned with doing as little […]

Charlotte Mason

At this point I feel that I am a homeschooling veteran.  We have tried several different styles, school at home, used an exclusively online curriculum for a couple of years (this was great for my oldest), but a few years ago when my youngest started his learning journey I realized we needed to revamp our […]


Welcome to my homeschool blog.  I am a stay at home mother of two boys presently aged 14.5 and 10.  There are many questions I have been asked over the years, why did I start homeschooling, how did I start, did I always want to homeschool, and so many other things.  To answer all of […]